Jack Gallant

Head of the laboratory. Chancellor’s Professor of Psychology and Class of 1940 Endowed Chair. Affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Also affiliated with the graduate programs in Bioengineering, Biophysics, Neuroscience and Vision Science.

James Gao

Post-doc and former graduate student in the Gallant lab. James has focused primarily on improving methods of fMRI data acquisition and analysis, including pulse sequence development and evaluation. James was also responsible for development of Pycortex, currently the most sophisticated software for visualizing fMRI data, and for development of a new head stabilization device called the headcase.

Anwar Nunez-Elizalde

Post-doc and former graduate student in the Gallant lab. Anwar has focused on high-dimensional functional mapping while subjects watch natural movies with sound. He has also worked on algorithm development, including our new banded ridge regression method and the cottoncandy scientific computing software. Anwar is expert in many aspects of computer science, statistical modeling, neuroeconomics and decision making.

Storm Slivkoff

Graduate student in Bioengineering. Storm is developing an efficient new question-answering paradigm for mapping semantic information across many disparate conceptual domains. He is also developing linear programming software algorithms for optimizing complex experimental designs. Storm is an expert in data science and optimization.

Fatma Deniz

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Haynes lab in Berlin. Fatma has focused on how the brain represents information during reading and language comprehension. She also has an ongoing project on brain mapping in bilingual speakers. Fatma is an active member of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and has participated in teaching in that program. She has expertise in a broad range of modern tools for data science, particularly as applied to neuroimaging data.

Sara Popham

Graduate student in Neuroscience. Sara’s work has focused on the relationships between the auditory and visual semantic maps that tile the brain. She is also working on neuroimaging experiments aimed at understanding language production. Sara has expertise in applied math and language function.

Tianjiao Zhang

Graduate student in Bioengineering. Tianjiao has used fMRI and statistical modeling to extract and identify intrinsic brain states that occur during complex tasks. More recently he has begun neuroimaging experiments on navigation in complex naturalistic environments.

Christine Tseng

Graduate student in Neuroscience. Christine’s work has looked at the effects of context during language comprehension. Christine is also working on experiments aimed at understanding social cognition.

Michael Eickenberg

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Thirion and Dehaene labs in Paris. Michael has worked on the analysis of neurophysiological data and on optimizing brain decoding for VR/AR applications. His expertise is in mathematics, signal processing and data science.

Matteo Visconti di Oleggio Castello

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Gobbini and Haxby labs at Dartmouth. Matteo is working on several computational and experimental projects including an investigation of the information content available in neuroimaging, experiments on MRI-based biofeedback, and clinical applications of the voxelwise modeling approach developed in our lab.

Tom Dupre la Tour

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Gramfort lab in Paris. Tom is currently working on software and algorithm development.

Michele Winter

Graduate student in Vision Science. Michele has experience in working with encoding models of visual processing.