Updated web site

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Gallant lab web site has not been updated for the last couple of years. The old site was always unwieldy to manage, and after our last system upgrade it became practically impossible. So a complete refactor was overdue. The new site is based on the Nikola static site framework, and it is hosted on github pages. I expect that the new site will be much easier to update and maintain than was the old one. As part of the site redesign, we have added three important new pages:

  • The Open Data page provides direct links to the data sets that we have released to date. We will try to maintain canonical links to all our data through this page.

  • The Open Code page provides direct links to the open code that we have released on github.

  • The Learn page provides direct links to our voxelwise encoding model tutorials and to other teaching resources.

  • Nikola also includes the capacity to host a blog, with provision for jupyter notebooks, code and the like. Its my hope that the blog will become a valuable resource for the cognitive, systems and computational neuroscience community.

Jack G