JGallantJack Gallant

Head of the laboratory. Chancellor’s Professor of Psychology, Affiliate with the graduate programs in Bioengineering, Biophysics, Neuroscience and Vision Science. Also affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

James Gao

Post-doc and former graduate student in the Gallant lab. James has focused primarily on improving methods of fMRI data acquisition and analysis, including pulse sequence development and evaluation. James was also responsible for development of Pycortex, currently the most sophisticated software for visualizing fMRI data, and for development of a new head stabilization device called the headcase.

Alex.HuthAlex Huth

Post-doc and former graduate student in the Gallant lab. Alex’s primary research program focuses on the representation of semantics (i.e., meaning), and on many other aspects of language processing. He also developed the PrAGMATiC algorithm for parcellating cortical maps. Alex collaborates with many other members of the laboratory to develop improved methods for fMRI data acquisition, analysis and modeling. Alex has expertise in all aspects of fMRI data acquisition, data analysis and modeling.

Fatma.ImamogluFatma Imamoglu

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Haynes lab in Berlin. Fatma’s research focuses on reading and language comprehension during reading. She has a secondary research interest in the brain mechanisms mediating music perception. Fatma is an active member of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and has participated in teaching in that program. She has expertise in a broad range of modern tools for data science, particularly as applied to neuroimaging data.

Mark Lescroart

Senior post-doc, former graduate student in the Biederman lab at USC. Mark’s research spans a wide range of problems in vision. One of his major projects concerns the representation of visual information in mid-level visual areas, and their role in image segmentation and grouping. Another major project focuses on representation in high-level, semantically-selective visual areas. Mark has a broad background in vision, expertise in many aspects of fMRI data analysis and modeling, and extensive experience with animation and rendering.

Lydia.Majure.2Lydia Majure

Postdoc, previously graduate student in Electrical Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign doing cognitive developmental robotics research. Lydia is currently studying the representation of syntax while listening to naturalistic narrative stories, the differences between language production and perception, and decoding of language imagery.

Michael Oliver

Post-doc and former graduate student in the Gallant lab. Michael is currently analyzing and modeling an enormous neural data set collected previously in our laboratory. He is expert in all manner of artificial neural networks, deep networks and convolutional networks.

Leila.WehbeLeila Wehbe

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Mitchell lab at CMU. Leila’s research is concerned with the interplay of language comprehension and production during social interactions.

Robert.GibboniRobert Gibboni

Post-doc, former graduate student in the Bao lab at UCB. Robert is working on real-time fMRI and various decoding projects.

Natalia.BilenkoNatalia Bilenko

Senior graduate student in Neuroscience. Natalia has focused on development of a new algorithm for cross-subject analysis of fMRI data, based on canonical correlation analysis. She has also released Pyrcca, a Python toolbox for regularized kernel CCA. During her time in the lab Natalia also earned a Masters in Computer Science for her work in visualization. She has expertise in a broad range of modern tools for data science and machine learning.

Anwar Nunez-Elizalde

Graduate student in Neuroscience. Anwar has focused on applying the voxel-wise modeling paradigm to prefrontal cortex. He also works on a variety of problems in fundamental statistical analysis and estimation theory. Anwar is expert in many aspects of computer science, statistical modeling, neuroeconomics and decision making.

Storm.Slivkoff.cropStorm Slivkoff

Graduate student in Bioengineering. Storm is working to determine how attention changes functional cortical maps. He is also interested in using voxel-wise modeling to characterize brain function in interactive, dynamic situations. Storm is an expert on attention and engineering.

Sara Popham

Graduate student in Neuroscience.  Sara’s research focuses on the relationships between the auditory and visual semantic maps that tile the brain.

Tianjiao.Zhang.cropTianjiao Zhang

Graduate student in Bioengineering. Tianjiao is using fMRI and statistical modeling to extract and identify intrinsic brain states that occur during complex tasks.

Marie.KieselerMarie-Luise Kieseler

Marie performs a wide variety of critically important lab tasks such as brain segmentation and flattening. She works on several projects with other members of the lab and also serves as our general administrative assistant.

Lab Alumni

Dustin Stansbury (PhD 2014), Data Scientist at 8tracks.

Tolga Cukur (Post-doc until 2013), Professor at Bilkent University, Turkey.

Shinji Nishimoto (Post-doc until 2012), Professor, Osaka University Japan.

Thomas Naselaris (Post-doc until 2011), Professor, Medical University of South Carolina.

An Vu (PhD 2011), Staff Scientist at the UCB Brain Imaging Center.

Kendrick Kay (PhD 2009), Professor, University of Minnesota.

Ryan Prenger (PhD 2009), Research Scientist at Baidu.

Michael Wu (PhD 2008), Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies.

Kate Gustavson (PhD 2007), Zoo Medicine Resident at the Wildelife Conservation Society.

Kathleen Hansen (PhD 2006).

Benjamin Willmore (Post-doc until 2006), Staff Scientist, Oxford University.

Benjamin Hayden (PhD 2005), Professor, University of Rochester.

Steven David (PhD 2004), Professor, Oregon Health Sciences University.

James Mazer (Post-doc until 2004), Professor, Yale University.

Wiliam Vinje (PhD 2001).