Voxelwise modeling tutorials

Welcome to the voxelwise modeling tutorials from the Gallantlab.

Getting started

This website contains tutorials describing how to use the voxelwise modeling framework.

To explore these tutorials, one can:

The tutorials are best explored in order, starting with the Shortclips tutorial.

The project is available on GitHub at gallantlab/voxelwise_tutorials. On top of the tutorials scripts, the GitHub repository contains a Python package called voxelwise_tutorials, which contains useful functions to download the data sets, load the files, process the data, and visualize the results. Install instructions are available here.

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If you use one of our packages in your work (voxelwise_tutorials [p1], himalaya [p2], pycortex [p3], or pymoten [p4]), please cite the corresponding publications.

If you use one of our public datasets in your work (vim-2 [3b], shortclips [4b]), please cite the corresponding publications.