New commentary on neuroethics published in Nature

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Current brain decoding technology is extremely primitive and it produces poor results. However, as new neurotechnologies are developed in the future, the quality of brain decoding will improve. Eventually it may be possible to create portable, non-invasive brain decoding devices … Continued

New cortical anatomy viewer available!

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To understand any study of the human cerebral cortex, it is critical to have a good sense of human cortical neuroanatomy. The classical way to learn neuroanantomy is to memorize the patterns and names of sulci and gyri shown in … Continued

Natalia Bilenko is now a Ph.D.!

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Our wonderful Natalia Bilenko has turned in her Ph.D. Thesis, “Modeling of natural stimulus representation in the human brain using canonical correlation analysis.” One chapter of her Thesis has already been published and you can find it here. The second chapter … Continued