Gallant Lab homepageΒΆ

This is the web home of Professor Jack Gallant’s laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. We use neuroimaging methods to study how the human brain represents and processes sensory and cognitive information. Our laboratory is located in the Department of Psychology, University of California at Berkeley. We are also affiliated with the UCB programs in Neuroscience, Vision Science, Bioengineering and Biophysics.

Detailed information about our laboratory can be found here. Information about joining us as a graduate student or post-doc can be found here. Radio and television interviews, magazine articles and news stories about our work can be found in Press. A subset of our published manuscripts can be found in Publications. Answers to many questions can be found in Questions. Our new interactive brain viewer can be found in Brain Viewer. To download raw and/or pre-processed data from our previous studies, please go to